Hadado Face Lifting Massage

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Hadado ®️ combines ancient, most advanced Kobido techniques with modern knowledge and craftsmanship of myofascial, connecting tissue release and focuses on health and proper functions of fatty tissue.

There are nearly 100 techniques in Hadado®️ divided into categories. 

Each of these categories uses an unique combination of techniques and procedures adapted to problematic zones, which translates into a spectacular effects even after the first session. 

These techniques involve bending, straightening and interlacing the hands or fingers during the treatment. Single techniques may be considered a simple massage, but there are actually subtle changes in the shape of movement, pace and depth of work, resulting in multi-layered work on the surface of the skin, fatty tissue, fascia and muscles.


This revolutionary yet holistic technique allows you as the therapist not only to take your skills to the next level. It also invites you and your client on a journey to healthy skin... body ... and mind.  

Hadado®️ is a combination of nearly 100 different techniques. And because of its holistic approach, multi-layer focus and all targeted, unique techniques it is a true alterative to invasive esthetic medicine treatments.  

Benefits of Hadado®️

- lifts and tones - décolleté, neck and face

- diminishes fine lines and wrinkles

- reduces puffiness 

- reduces dark circles under the eyes 

- reduces double chin  

- healthy, glowy skin 

 ... and so much more